Best of the West Long Range Shooting Course at No Mercy

Best of the West Shooting School at No Mercy Hunting Services

No Mercy Hunting Services, L.L.C. will be hosting a Best of the West Long Range Shooting Course on April 14-16, 2015.  Make your reservations now as there is limited space available! This course includes classroom instruction, extensive range training on our 1000 yard long range shooting range, full meals, lodging…

Showing them No Mercy! Hog, Elk, Exotic Hunts!

Another trophy hog taken at No Mercy Hunting Services!

With lots of hunters already harvesting tons (literally) of Hogs, Rams, Elk, and Exotics we can honestly say we are showing them No Mercy!  I’m not sure how many of you keep up with our photo gallery but check it out and you will see that hunts are well under way…

Feral hogs are ‘poor man’s grizzly’

feral-hogs at no mercy hunting

Domestic swine are big, ugly and smart.  Feral hogs are all of that, plus mean and aggressive.  Insert some Russian Boar DNA and you get what is referred to as “The poor man’s grizzly.” Call him “Razorback,” ‘Swamper” or just plain feral, they’re mean. In my opinion, hunting these feral…

Trophy Aoudad Hunts!

Trophy Aoudad Hunt

Bob Recently took this Trophy Aoudad at No Mercy.  Trophy Aoudad Hunts are one of the many exotics we offer.  Congratulations Bob!

Hog Hunt Winner!

Trophy Wild Hog Boar Hunts

Alicia Johns won our free hog hunt giveaway! Be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Google Plus to see all our specials and giveaways like this one!

Hog Slaughter!


We have been killing tons (literally) of hogs over the past few weeks! If you have been part of this slaughter you know what I’m talking about. With the exception of just a few hunters everyone has been getting their game. And of course with our guarantee those hunters will be coming back for…

It’s that time of year!


It’s that time of year!  The time of year when the nights start to cool and the deer start to move earlier in t the evening, the hogs start making daytime appearances.  Hunting season is upon us! Thoughts of that ideal trophy buck, boar, or exotic start to invade your…

Trophy Boars! Trophy Deer!

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.24.28 PM

As we start up this fall season, we are anticipating some really nice trophies!  We have a lot of boars over the 250 lb mark in our hunting preserve currently and one boar that is most likely the biggest we’ve ever had in our preserve!  If you have any interest in hunting hogs in…