Ram Hunts and Goat Hunts

We offer a variety of ram hunts and goat hunts.  These species make nice additions to your trophy wall as well as good table fare.  Many hunters have commented on how much they have enjoyed this exotic table fare.

When it comes to Ram Hunts we are the place to go.  We offer a large variety of exotic hunts such as Texas Dall hunts, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert, Mouflon and Corsican Ram Hunting.  Click below on the link to find out more.  We offer a clear advantage over Texas ram hunts… distance.  We can save you money compared to ram hunts in Texas simply by saving you gas money getting here.  Not to mention our more competitive pricing.  The quality of our hunts is second to none.  We offer hunts for any budget. Our hunts take place on beautiful and thick timbered terrain which adds a unique challenge that you don’t find with many texas ram hunts.  So if you are considering ram hunts in texas… don’t.  You can make a shorter drive to Oklahoma and experience the same exotic ram hunts and save yourself some time and money.

We offer several exotic goat species as well.  These offer a unique trophy and addition to your trophy wall.  Click below to find out more about our goat hunts.


Texas Ram Hunts



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