Aoudad Hunts

Free Range Aoudad Hunts

Native to the mountains of Northern Africa, these large bodied and large horned sheep make very impressive trophies. They are also one of the most wary game you will hunt, making our aoudad hunts one of our most challenging hunts. Their horns curve out, back, then in again towards the back. They are tan in coloration with long beard-like hair on the throat and neck. No Mercy is the place to come for your Trophy Aoudad Hunt.

We offer Free Range Aoudad hunts.  We have access to 3000 acres of private property in Western Oklahoma located in the Wichita Mountain range.  The hunt takes place in this rocky granite mountain terrain with mesquite and cedar cover.  This is a no trophy fee hunt with opportunities at rams well over the 30″ mark.  This is a 3 day hunt which is fully guided and includes transportation on the ranch and 3 nights of lodging.  We offer this hunt as either an archery or gun hunt. This hunt is offered from November thru March.  These free range hunts do not offer a guaranteed shot opportunity but our success rate is consistently around 80%.

Free Range Aoudad Hunts

Free Range Aoudad Hunts

Free Range Aoudad Ram Hunts One Ram.  Three days of hunting, three nights of lodging, transportation on the ranch, guiding $4000

What else is included in the price?

Preserve Aoudad Hunts

We also offer preserve Aoudad hunts as well.  This is a guaranteed shot opportunity hunt.  Price on this hunt is based on inches of horn and is listed below.  The hunt takes place on our beautiful 300 acre preserve.  It offers challenging terrain and both archery and gun hunt opportunities.  This is a guaranteed shot opportunity hunt with either gun or bow.  This hunt is offered year round.

Aoudad Ram Hunts Ram up to 23-24″ $2500
Ram up to 25-27″ $3000
Ram up to 28-29″ $3500
(These prices are for preserve Ram up to 30-31″ $4000
hunts only and don’t apply to free range hunts) Ram up to 32-34″ $4500 to $5000

What else is included in the price?


Guided Aoudad Hunts

Oklahoma Aoudad Hunting

***Ram hunt pricing is subject to change without notice. Please call or email prior to your hunt for updated pricing.

***In all of the above pricing mentioning inches of horn, we measure from the top side of the horn starting at the base of the skull and the tape is held on the center (ridge) of the horn to the tip. This is based on the shorter of the two horns.

***Above pricing reflects cost of animal and all hunt and guide fees. Most of these hunts will require 2 days of hunting on our preserve hunts.