Fair Chase Wild Boar Hunts

Fair Chase Wild Boar Hunts the No Mercy Way!

These Fair Chase Wild Boar Hunts take place on over 6,000 acres of prime hunting ground.  This hog hunt is for hunters who want a true fair chase wild hog hunting experience.  Fair chase wild boar hunts can be very challenging but is often very rewarding as well. Oklahoma hog hunting for fair chase wild boar is one of our most challenging hunts.  Wild hogs have a very keen sense of smell.  Hunters have commented on how they have seen some wild hogs react to picking up a scent as if they “hit a wall” upon catching a scent and immediately turning and running the opposite direction.  Combine that with a high intelligence level and this makes fair chase wild boar huntng one of our most challenging hunts.

Oklahoma Wild Boar Hunts

These fair chase wild boar hunts take place on private ranch land in Caddo County, OK.  The terrain is hilly with patches of thick timber.  You will be hunting over bait in stands.  We offer these hunts for both archery and gun hunts. There are no trophy fees on any of our hog hunts.  Our Fair Chase Hog hunts also offer the opportunity to harvest an unlimited amount of hogs on the free range portion of the hunt.  The success rate of our fair chase hog hunting is generally 30% on a 3 day hunt on the free range portion of the hunt, however you are still guaranteed a hog because we also include one high fenced hog on this free range hunt. The high fenced portion of the hunt will generally be done by stalking and will be conducted sometime during your stay.  This ensures that every hunter will leave with at least one hog!

We can hunt 18 hunters maximum on this type of hunt.  There is a 2 person minimum for these hunts.  We offer the free roaming hog hunts year round.  These hunts are offered for gun, muzzleloader, and archery (bow and crossbow).

These hunts are an afternoon and night hunt over bait for the free range portion of the hunt.  You will spot and stalk hunt early afternoon for your fenced hog.  For the free range portion of the hunt, you will be transported to your stand location in the afternoon to begin your hunt and will remain on the stand location over a baited site until a few hours after dark.  Our bait sites are equipped with feeder lights for the night portion of the hunt.  These hunts do not require night vision equipment but rather just your basic scoped weapon.  Illuminated reticle scopes do offer an advantage over non-illuminated reticle optics but are not necessary.  Most of the shots will be between 75 to 150 yards to the bait but longer shots may present in the daylight hours.  The average stand sit on this hunt will be 6 to 8 hours so some patience is required. No stalking is allowed on the free range portion of this hunt but the high fenced portion of your hunt will be done by stalking generally.  Your guide will be available to pick you up at the designated pick up time and to recover game when harvested.

All hog hunters are required to purchase a $20 Oklahoma Feral Swine Control Association membership to hog hunt at our ranch.  This organization promotes the control of feral swine in Oklahoma through sport hunting and protects our rights to hunt.  This Association fee must be purchased online at: OFSCA.  For the high fenced portion of the hunt a $25 state license will also be required and can be purchased at: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

3 Evening/Night Fair Chase Hog, 1 hog in high fence, no lodging 3 Evenings/Nights of hunting, unlimited hogs $650
3 Evening/Night Fair Chase Hog, 1 hog in high fence, hunt with 3 nights lodging 3 Evenings/Nights of hunting, 3 nights of lodging, unlimited hogs free range and 1 hog in high fence $750

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