Hog Hunting with Dogs

Hog hunting with dogs is one of the most exciting hunts we offer! We offer these hunts for all levels of experience.   We offer these hunts year round.

How do we do our Hog Hunting with Dogs?

This is a free range hog hunt for wild hogs in Southwestern Oklahoma.  Like our free range gun and archery hunts the hogs are not fenced in but rather are free roaming wild hogs.  Its truly the instinct and training of the dogs that make these hunts successful.  Watching the dogs work is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of hog hunting with dogs. Our dogs are fully trained and experienced hunters.  We use two basic types of dogs which are Bay Dogs (Blackmouth Cur and Catahoulas) and Catch Dogs (Pit Bulls). We normally use 4 or more Bay Dogs and 1-2 Catch Dogs depending on the group size.

The dog hunts take place on thousands of acres in Southwestern Oklahoma, which is home to some the highest numbers of wild hogs in the nation.  The terrain varies from thick timbered areas to relatively open agricultural fields and everything in between.

Hog Hunting with Dogs in Oklahoma

We offer this Hog hunt with Dogs with all weapons (knives and spears) and gear provided.  We DO NOT allow the use of guns on this hunt and you will not be allowed to carry a firearm on this hunt.  We provide water on the hunt but you will need to bring along any snacks or food you will need during the hunt.  Be sure to wear good comfortable boots as this hunt requires a fair amount of walking.  We also incorporate a training and safety session which ensures you have a safe and successful hunt.  Our professional guides will be there to help you whenever you need it and to train you on how to effectively use the equipment.  You will need to bring your own hunting clothing appropriate for the season and a change of clothes to switch into after the hunt.

Hogs killed range in size from 100 lbs. to over 300+ lbs. There are NO TROPHY fees on any of our hog hunts.  While these hog hunts with dogs aren’t guaranteed, our success rate on the 2 night hog hunt with dogs is approximately 75% and a one night hunt is approximately 50%.

A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated on this hunt. We require a minimum of 2 hunters to book this hunt. We currently offer these hunts two nights for a Friday and Saturday night hunt.  When lodging is available lodging will be available on Friday-Saturday night. We begin these hunts approximately 2 hours before Dusk. Most hunts will last from 6-8 hours depending on conditions and success. All of these hunts include guiding, transportation on the ranch and game recovery.  No game care is included but it is optional and information on it can be found here: Game Care.

All hog hunters are required to purchase a $20 Oklahoma Feral Swine Control Association membership to hog hunt at our ranch. This organization promotes the control of feral swine in Oklahoma through sport hunting and protects our rights to hunt.  This fee can be paid upon arrival at the ranch.  More information can be found at OFSCA.ORG.

2 Night Hog Hunts with Dogs (with lodging) 2 Nights of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, unlimited hogs $650
1 Night Hog Hunts with Dogs (no lodging available) 1 Night of hunting, unlimited hogs $350
2 Night Hog Hunts with Dogs (no lodging) 2 Nights of hunting, unlimited hogs $580

What else is included in the price?

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