Deposits and Payment

Upon booking a hunt we require a deposit to hold your hunt dates.  We require a 50% deposit for all of our hunts.  We accept deposits in the form of personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.  We require the deposit within 3 weeks of your booking date (the date you called to reserve the hunt dates).  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you are the person arranging the hunt, we highly recommend that you collect deposits from all the hunting party prior to sending in deposits.  That way if someone doesn’t show up for the hunt, you are not out the money for their deposit.

The remainder of your hunt fees  can be paid on arrival in cashier’s check or money order (no cash).  If you wish to pay the remaining amount by check, you will need to send your check at least 30 days prior to arrival.  If booked within 30 days of the hunt date then payment will be due in cashier’s check or money order on arrival.  Any remaining fees accrued at the hunt for game care, upgrades, etc. are due in cash. Again, we do not accept personal checks or for any fees accrued after arrival.

For those of you lodging with us, we require you to place a $300 deposit (PER LODGING FACILITY NOT PER PERSON) with us upon arrival (Please do not send this prior to the hunt).  This deposit is to be in the form of cashier’s check only and should be made out to No Mercy Hunting Services, L.L.C.   Please bring this to the hunt in a self addressed envelope with $5 cash to cover return postage and certified mail charges.  This deposit is to cover any damages to our lodging should they occur during your stay.  After your departure from the lodging our cleaning staff will examine the lodging to check for any damages.  If none are found then of course your deposit will be returned to you.  If any damages are found or any extensive cleaning is required above what we consider normal cleaning which is included with all our lodging, then your deposit will not be refunded.

Please make all personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders payable to:

No Mercy Hunting Services, L.L.C.

Please mail all deposits to:

No Mercy Hunting Services, L.L.C.
26196 CS 2640
Gracemont, OK  73042