Game Care

Your guide will assist you in locating downed game and loading them.  The guides will recover your game for free as well as refrigerate it during your stay.  The guide will skin your game for $25 or skin and quarter for $40 per animal for Deer Sized game. The Elk skin and quarter fee is $100 and Buffalo are $150.  The caping fee is $25 for Deer Sized game and $50 for Elk and Buffalo. These fees are due directly to the guide and are due in cash. There is also a local processor who offers full processing which includes vacuum packing your meat, freezing.  The price for full processing is $160 per animal for Deer Sized game.  Full processing for Elk is 75 cents per pound of hanging carcass weight plus the skin and quarter fee above plus $50. Full processing for Buffalo is 65 cents per pound plus the skin and quarter fee above plus $50.  These fees are due directly to the processor.

All processing will be available for pickup at the ranch after completion.  Processing can generally be picked up sometime the day after your kill (depending on time of harvest).  Shipping meat is very expensive.  We recommend taking your meat with you when you leave.  Sometimes full processing isn’t an option due to time constraints.  For example, you may be leaving to go home in the evening following a hunt in which you just killed an animal.  In these circumstances, we recommend that you have your game skinned and quartered to allow you to take it home following your hunt.  If you arrived by air, it may be possible for you to take your meat back with you on the plane in coolers.  We have had hunters do this in the past.  Check with your airline for specifics and prices.