We recommend Terry’s Taxidermy for all your taxidermy needs.  You simply leave mount with us and they will take care of the rest.  There is a $50 storage fee for each mount.

There will be a caping fee for all animals that you want shoulder mounted (see game care page for caping fees)(there is not a caping fee for European mounts).  Shipping and packaging charges also apply so check with Terry’s Taxidermy regarding this. We can arrange for pickup of your trophy.  Please call Terry’s Taxidermy and tell them you are hunting with us for the best pricing and service.  They can be reached at (405 787-7883,  You can visit the taxidermist’s websites at: Terry’s Taxidermy (

We also recommend Bauman’s Taxidermy.  Pricing for Bauman taxidermy is not represented above but information on their pricing can be found at Bauman’s Taxidermy.