Weapon Selection

When it comes to weapon selection, it depends on the game you are pursuing.  For hogs, we recommend a minimum of something in the .270 win power range or larger.  Really, for hogs whatever larger caliber you feel comfortable shooting is probably the best gun to bring.  For hogs and other exotic deer, rams, goats, etc. we also offer bow, cross-bow, muzzleloader, etc. hunts.  For deer sized game, we recommend a minimum of something in the .243 power range or larger.  We do not allow .223 or 300 Blackout for wild hog hunting.  Other AR based calibers are fine such as 6.8, .450 etc.  For wild turkey hunts we recommend 12 gauge with 3″ or 3 1/2″ loads.  For children or other recoil sensitive hunters lighter loads or calibers may be used but you run the risk of losing game.