What Will I Need

This is a very common question.  Below is a list of things that you might need, depending on your hunt.

  • Food- If you are staying in our lodging, almost everything you need to prepare a meal is included except food. There is a full kitchen in most of our lodging facilities and a gas grill with fuel provided.
  • Camo or Blaze Orange- For most hunts it is best to wear camo clothing as your outer layer of clothing.  We also REQUIRE the wearing of a blaze orange vest at a minimum over your camo and highly recommend the wearing of a blaze orange head covering as well.  If you do not have a blaze orange vest we do have them for sale at the ranch.  On our fair chase whitetail deer gun and muzzleloader hunts, you are required by the state to wear a blaze orange head covering and vest/coat.
  • Licenses- The only hunts that require licenses are Wild Hog, Exotic Deer Species, Bison, Whitetail Deer, Elk, turkey, predator, dove, and prairie dog.  Hog hunting requires a license from the Oklahoma department of Agriculture which must be purchased online at: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.  Information and purchase of licenses for Exotic Deer, Bison, Whitetail Deer, Elk, turkey, predator, dove, and prairie dog can be made at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife licensing page.  Preserve Hunts require an annual resident hunting license or a 5 day non resident hunting license which is $75.  Free range Whitetail, dove, prairie dog, predator and turkey hunting require the resident or non resident license for that specific species which are on the Oklahoma wildlife department website referenced above.  All other hunts do not require licenses.
  • Hog hunters are required to purchase a $20 Oklahoma Feral Swine Control Association membership to hog hunt at our ranch.  This organization promotes the control of feral swine in Oklahoma through sport hunting and protects our rights to hunt.  This fee can be paid online at OFSCA.ORG.
  • Coolers- You need to bring coolers to keep you meat cool on the way back.  Ice is sold at our ranch.
  • Safety Harnesses-  Many of our hunts are conducted from elevated stands.  We require you to wear a safety harness.  If you don’t have one, we will provide you with one.
  • Scent Control Clothing/Solutions-  This is something that can give you an edge on most hunts.  However, if you don’t have this type of equipment don’t run out and buy it.  We will make efforts to keep you down-wind of game when possible.  Most of our hunters don’t use this type of equipment and are very successful.
  • ATV/UTV-  We don’t allow personal ATVs/UTVs on our property.  We will provide assistance with game recovery with our trucks or UTVs if needed.
  • Transportation- We will provide you with transportation on the ranch if needed.  If you have a suitable vehicle (truck or SUV with decent ground clearance) we may ask you to drive it to your hunting location on the ranch.  This is not required but does speed up the process of getting hunters to hunting locations when there are large groups of hunters.  If you are arriving via air, we recommend renting a suitable vehicle (truck or SUV) for your hunt as it will provide you with greater freedom and convenience during your hunt.